Laser focus your outreach to maximize conversions.

Ravyn makes every engagement more meaningful and productive. Use Ravyn's advanced segmenting features to hyper-personalize your sales and marketing strategies. Your clients will love you and you'll close more deals, faster.

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Customize profiles
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Ravyn makes it easy to create custom insights to match your business goals. Need to find all of your customers who work in finance, but are allergic to dairy? With Ravyn, now you can.

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Searching is more
powerful with insights.

Leverage the power of insights with our advanced search features to easily segment your customers. You can search for people by name, company and even insights. With search being only one keystroke away from anywhere within the platform, segmenting customers has never been easier.

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Create groups to build
meaningful, targeted campaigns.

Ravyn makes it super easy to deliver hyper-personalized engagement experiences that drive conversions. You can quickly segment your customers via insights and easily create customizable groups for hyper-targeted marketing campaigns in seconds.

Google Calendar and Gmail Integration with Ravyn
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Gmail & google Calendar integration

Get insights before your next meeting without leaving your inbox.

Ravyn saves you time, even when you're not on the platform. With our new Google Integration, Ravyn automatically sends you valuable insights before each meeting in your Google calendar to make you a productive superstar. Easily add and track insights for your upcoming meetings, without ever leaving your inbox.

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