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Note apps are great for grocery shopping, but terrible for relationship management. Ravyn was built to help you build deeper relationships with your clients by making your notes work for you. Notes saved on Ravyn are instantly scanned by Ravyn’s AI to deliver meaningful, accurate client insights for any type of business.

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Extract actionable client insights directly from your notes.

For most people, your most important client insights are buried inside your notes and hard to track. But with Ravyn, your notes are automatically scanned by our AI to extract valuable insights about your customers for use in your outreach campaigns. Isn’t it time to start making your notes work for you and not the other way around? Do more with Ravyn.

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Quickly find any note
with a single click.

Digging through your CRM or notes app to find a particular note is time-consuming and inefficient. With Ravyn, your notes are always one click away. Since Ravyn extracts insights directly from your notes, you can click on any insight to instantly reveal the note it came from. Boom. Done.

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Use your notes to fuel
meaningful engagement.

When you use Ravyn to store your notes, Ravyn's AI magically reveals actionable insights about your clients. Use client insights to deliver meaningful, personalized outreach on nearly any channel. Ravyn makes every client engagement more meaningful and productive.

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Don’t change the way you work. Ravyn fits into your existing workflow.

Nearly every business has a unique workflow that aligns with their business goals, so you shouldn’t have to change the way you work just to use the latest AI productivity software. With Ravyn’s Google Chrome Extension, you can easily create and access your client notes anytime, anywhere - without disrupting the way you work. Every note you create will be scanned by Ravyn’s AI to reveal meaningful, actionable client insights so you can crush your goals.

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