Track insights to grow your business.

If you're tracking insights in your CRM, on post-it notes, in spreadsheets, or in your notes app - you're doing it wrong. Ravyn is the only sales-enablement platform in the world built specifically for tracking insights for your customers, so can focus on building stronger relationships and selling more, faster.

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How are you currently tracking insights?

Before Ravyn, the predominant ways to track insights were time-consuming and
inefficient. Ravyn is the only platform that can auto-capture insights so you can engage your
customers in meaningful ways at the exact right time.

complicated crm screen

Complicated CRMs

Most CRMs weren't built to track insights & require multiple, confusing steps for the most basic tasks. Ravyn is a simple AI sales tool built to effortlessly track your customers' insights, which is always one tap away.

notebook for notes

Note Apps

Most note-taking apps are clunky when it comes to sales research & finding client insights at the most pivotal moments. Ravyn easiliy records notes so you extract actionable insights when you need them.

forgetful brain

“It's All In My Head"

Relying on your memory for important client details is inefficient & unscalable. With Ravyn, customers insights are only one tap away, so you can focus on building stronger relationships & unlocking new sales opportunities.

Ravyn is the easiest and fastest way
to capture and track your clients' insights.


Capture insights

Ravyn utilizes the latest AI technology to automatically capture, categorize and track your clients' insights, directly from
your notes. The insights you capture will fuel deeper client relationships, increase retention, boost sales performance,
and speed up your sales cycle.

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Understand context
with a single tap.

Insights are a powerful tool for building lifelong clients, but sometimes you need to take a deeper dive. With Ravyn, you can understand the context for any insight, for any client, with a single tap. It's one more way Ravyn saves you time, so you can spend less time in your CRM and more time selling.

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quick & easy modal for tagging insights

“Tagging for people"
made easy.

You can think of insights as “tags" you assign to your clients. And with Ravyn, adding insights on the fly is incredibly fast and intuitive. With a single tap, you can add and categorize insights for a client in less than 5 seconds.

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contacts from procter & gamble, yahoo, zillow and google segmented with insight

Segment your insights
like a boss.

Using the insights you've collected in Ravyn, you can easily segment your clients to build new, meaningful, and hyper-personalized outreach campaigns that convert into lifelong customers. If you're looking to maximize your conversion rates, try sending a Ravyn.

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Google Chrome extension on Linkedin page
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Capture insights anytime, anywhere with our Chrome Extension.

Already spending too much time staring at your CRM dashboard? We hear you! That's why we built Ravyn to fit into your existing workflow. With Ravyn's Google Chrome Extension, you can easily capture insights anytime, anywhere - without disrupting the way you work. It even works inside your web-based CRM solution!

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