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Most SaaS apps are slow, clunky and just not fun to work with. Ravyn was built from the ground up, using research and feedback from industry leaders and sales experts. What typically takes several steps in your CRM takes only one or two steps in Ravyn. Spend less time clicking around and more time being a rockstar for your clients.

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The fastest sales tool
on the planet.

Your time is valuable, which is why we built Ravyn to be the fastest sales-enablement tool on the planet. Use the command center to effortlessly access all of Ravyn's key features, accessible from anywhere in the app. It's one more way Ravyn saves you time so you can spend more time selling.


Everything you need
is one keystroke away.

Using your mouse to perform repetitive tasks is inefficient and time-consuming. With Ravyn, you can save hours every month by leveraging our universal keyboard shortcuts to access Ravyn's core features. Quickly add a note, send a Ravyn or add insights with a single tap.

search results for contacts, companies and insights

Search faster
and smarter.

Most CRMs and SaaS apps lack useful searching features, costing you valuable time. With Ravyn, you can leverage the power of insights to fuel fast and dynamic searching capabilities to access your most important data in seconds.


No need to create a contact.
Just write a note.

Adding a new contact in a CRM requires multiple clicks and too much of your time. With Ravyn, just write a note and we'll automatically create a Ravyn profile for your new contact at the same time. No additional clicks required.

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Google Calendar and Gmail Integration with Ravyn
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Get insights for your upcoming meetings without lifting a finger.

Ravyn saves you time, even when you're not on the platform. With our new Google Integration, Ravyn automatically sends you valuable insights before each meeting in your Google calendar to make you a productive superstar. Easily add and track insights for your upcoming meetings, without ever leaving your inbox.

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