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Engage at a 90% conversion rate.

Conversions matter. Companies that use Ravyn for personalized client outreach campaigns are experiencing conversion rates up to 90%. The secret? More meaningful data capture = more meaningful engagement experiences.

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Introducing the proven power
of a handwritten Ravyn.

Introducing our first unique engagement product: The Ravyn. Use your insights to type a message and we'll ship a limited edition, handwritten "Ravyn" that wows the toughest clients and creates lifelong customers. By simply tapping their phone on the Ravyn, your client instantly unlocks a one-of-a-kind experience that feels like magic. There's nothing else like it.

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How it works.

Easily wow your toughest clients in seconds.

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You Type It

Simply type out a meaningful message to your client to get started.

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We Write It

Our artist handwrites your message inside a limited-edition Ravyn.

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Your Client Receives It

We ship it directly to your client on your behalf and give you updates every step of the way.

It's not a card. It's a Ravyn.


Easy to create.
Impossible to forget.

Your time is valuable and there aren't enough hours in the day to show every client the appreciation they deserve. With Ravyn, just type out a message and we'll take care of the rest.


Just tap it with your phone
to unlock the magic.

The one-of-a-kind digital experience you build into each Ravyn is easily unlocked by your client, simply by tapping the Ravyn with their phone. From booking meetings and sending gifts, to sharing content and real-time chat - nearly anything you can do on the web, you can do with a Ravyn.

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Know the perfect time
to reach out to your client.

In sales, timing is everything. That's why every Ravyn features timely delivery updates and activity tracking, so you'll know the perfect time to follow up with your clients to speed up deal flow and close more deals, faster.

muralist & artist eric junker

Limited-edition covers
by world-class artists.

Stop wasting money sending clients gifts they don't want. Every Ravyn features beautiful, limited-edition artwork from some of the most prolific artists in the world. And once the series sells out, we drop a new edition of Ravyns featuring a different world-class artist. It's a fun way to make your client feel special, while still keeping things fresh.

Artist Profile
current art drop

Ravyn Series 01

Eric Junker Ravyn Art 1
Eric Junker Ravyn Art 2
Eric Junker Ravyn Art 3
Eric Junker Ravyn Art 4
Eric Junker Ravyn Art 5
Eric Junker Ravyn Art 6
Special Edition Drop
Special Edition Drop
VIP envelope and Ravyn for high-value clients

The engagement experience your VIPs deserve.

Every client matters, but let's face it: sometimes we need to pull out all the stops to close a bigger deal. When the stakes are high, send a VIP Ravyn. Every VIP Ravyn features gold packaging, limited-edition VIP artwork, authenticated serialized sticker, exclusive digital experiences, rush shipping, engagement tracking, and more. It's the best way to move the needle with your biggest clients while maximizing your ROI.


One platform.
Unlimited experiences.

With the Ravyn wizard, you can build custom digital engagement experiences to match your brand
and tailored to your goals. Here are just a few ways our customers have used Ravyn to build
out-of-this-world digital engagement experiences for their clients:

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Real-Time Feedback

With the Instant Message feature, your clients can share their happiness with you in real time, so you can speed up your sales cycle with ease.

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Content Marketing

Does your marketing department want you to send a huge PDF or a presentation video to your customer? Send it with a Ravyn.

digital gift cards 3d icon

Digital Gift Cards

You can attach virtual gift cards to any Ravyn and we'll send you a notification the second your client redeems their gift.

music or sports tickets 3d icon


Is your client a huge sports fan or music lover? Gift them paperless tickets and know the exact moment their eyes light up when they activate their Ravyn.

donor 3d icon


Ravyns are a great way to solicit donations from high-value donors by including a meaningful message and linking your payment processing webpage.

Nft Drop Ethereum 3d icon

NFT Drops

Feeling extra creative? Share a link to your exclusive NFT drop or gift your client directly and sit back and watch their mouth hit the floor.


Ravyns work
at any stage of your funnel.

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Lead Gen

Qualify high-value prospects and book more meetings by adding Ravyn to your lead gen toolbox. You can even book meetings with Ravyn.

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Trying to upsell existing customers or reduce churn? Ravyns are an excellent, cost-effective way to boost retention, along with your bottom line.

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Relationship Building

Use Ravyn to build deeper relationships with your customers, regardless of which part of the sales funnel they are in.

close deals icon

Close Deals

You're soooo close to landing the deal and Ravyn can help get you to the finish line, faster. Closing deals is hands down our favorite way to use Ravyn!

follow-up opportunity icon

Follow-up Opportunity

Had a great meeting & ready to push the conversation forward? Ravyns are a super-effective & meaningful way to maximize follow-up opportunities.

customer success icon

Customer Success

Celebrate each of your client's special occasions and milestones. Ravyns are a great way to show your clients they matter.

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Experience the magic for yourself.

We've told you about the magic of Ravyn, but don't take our word for it. When you sign up, we'll send you a free Ravyn so you can experience the magic for yourself. No credit card required.

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