space rocket launch at sunset by Ravyn
space rocket launch at sunset by Ravyn
space rocket launch at sunset by Ravyn

Ravyn Has Launched!

Feb 20, 2023


It’s a really big day here at Ravyn. After months of testing and working closely with our amazing partners and clients, we have finally launched. And while that may seem like a small step on the outside, it’s one giant leap for us. 

To Boldly Go

Our mission started 3 years ago when we recognized how technology was profoundly changing the way we communicated to each other. While some of those changes were helpful in boosting productivity and creating the illusion of personalization, we started to see a vacuum develop in relationship management. 

We spent over a year on research: talking with high-level sales leaders, learning their various sales flows, understanding pain points, and asking what they wanted most in a sales tool. All of the data we gathered pointed to one common thread, “How can I easily capture insights and build a deeper relationship with clients?”

That’s how Ravyn was born.

To Seek Out New Insights

Whether you’re meeting for the first time or having a conversation with a long-time client, insights play a huge role in developing your relationships. Every great sales leader will always tell you how important it is to develop your soft skills when interacting with a client or lead. By actively listening and learning about their interests, you will create a stronger rapport with them and establish a more meaningful connection. This builds the most important part of your business relationship: trust. 

Our goal was to take a tried and true formula for sales and success and make it a simple process. So we built Ravyn’s AI to help salespeople seamlessly capture, organize, and access insights that matter, when they matter. Instead of searching through formless notes or trying to recall from memory a conversation you had months ago, you can quickly find the important info you need within a single tap or keystroke. Every sales leader we’ve introduced to Ravyn has said, “We’ve been doing this for years. You’re just making it 100x easier to do it.”

New Beginnings

This is only the beginning. We’re excited with the new features we’re developing for Ravyn, not to mention that we’re constantly improving our AI to become faster and smarter. It’s been our mantra to create a ubiquitous tool that can be used anywhere, anytime. We want to work where YOU work and not be another open window or tab among the many platforms you use.

In keeping with that promise, we’re releasing a chrome extension in the next few weeks so that you can write notes, create contacts, and capture insights from anywhere in your browser. It’s one of many integrations we’re bringing to Ravyn and we’re excited to have you be a part of our journey.

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