Eric Junker
Muralist • Fine Art • Designer

Eric Junker

Eric Junker is a fine artist, international mural painter, and designer whose style is unmistakable: graphic, bold, and loose, yet adhering to a clear structure that's all its own. Brands ranging from Louis Vuitton, Coach, Oculus, Target, and Madewell have collaborated with Eric knowing he can offer them a hard-to-find combination of strategy, street cred, and singular artwork. He incorporates elements of the natural world, like birds, leaves, the sun, and there's often an antic quality—a kind of orchestrated chaos—with faces, limbs, and bodies askew and sometimes out of scale. While his work has a tactile, made-by-hand grit to it, it's always beautiful. Sublime, even. Eric calls his style California-inspired psychedelic nature pop, and once you've seen it, you never forget it.

Mian Taste Restaurant, Los Angeles, California by Eric Junker
Carte Blanche Restaurant, San Diego, California by Eric Junker
Madewell, Venice, California by Eric Junker
Coach Store, Los Angeles by Eric Junker
Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles by Eric Junker
Coach Store, New York by Eric Junker
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