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Ravyn is the world's first, ultra-fast AI sales tool for capturing insights to grow your revenue and deepen your relationships.

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We power the world's most meaningful data insights for startups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies.

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Grow your business with insights.

Enhance your existing CRM with the power of Ravyn.

Unlock Opportunities

Your CRM isn't built to track insights. With Ravyn, insights are captured automatically so you can deliver ultra-personalized experiences that turn contacts into lifelong clients.

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

The length of an average B2B sales cycle has increased by 22% in the last 5 years. Companies use Ravyn to accelerate their sales cycle and convert leads faster.

Boost Retention

Retention is the king of growth, but is often overlooked. Industry leaders use Ravyn to increase retention and lower churn by building deeper relationships with their clients.

Ravyn helps you build deeper relationships
and win more deals, faster.

Sales Automation

Capture insights

Ravyn's AI automatically captures and categorizes insights directly from your notes. Accessing your insights is simply one-click away so you can wow your clients effortlessly. It's superpowers for your sales game. And we know you got game.

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Enhanced Relationship Management

Build the most accurate and actionable client profiles on
the planet.

As you capture insights, Ravyn automatically builds next-gen
client profiles that fuel deeper relationships and meaningful
engagement. Tired of stale client profiles in your CRM? Ravyn is
the only sales platform in the world that provides a more complete
and human view of your clients so you can turn cold business
contacts into happy clients for life.

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Advanced Segmentation

Segment contacts
at light speed.

Stop clicking through hundreds of contacts in your CRM to build targeted lists. Powered by Ravyn's insights, you can segment contacts into actionable groups with a single click. It's one more way Ravyn saves you time so you can sell more, faster.

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Sales Personalization

your sales funnel.

The insights you capture with Ravyn make every stage of your sales funnel more personalized and more performant. When it comes to outreach, companies that use Ravyn provide hyper-personalized engagement experiences with extremely high conversion rates.

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Speed up the way you work.

Ravyn's one step approach

Built specifically for you to work
faster and smarter.

Ravyn was built using research and feedback from industry
leaders and sales experts. What typically takes several
steps in your CRM takes only one or two steps in Ravyn.
Spend less time clicking around and more time being a
rockstar for your clients.

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write notes from linkedin

Access sales enablement
intelligence from anywhere.

We get it - switching back and forth between tools is
annoying. That's why we're constantly upgrading Ravyn to
capture and retain insights from almost anywhere you work.
Whether you're emailing clients or researching in your web
browser, Ravyn is your secret superpower.

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Everything is one keystroke away.

Every major action in Ravyn can be accessed through
a simple keyboard shortcut. Write a note, add a new contact,
search insights - all of these features are instantly at your
fingertips with one simple tap of a key.

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Google Calendar and Gmail Integration with Ravyn
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Gmail Calendar & Email Automation

Take your meetings to the next level. Automagically.

Wish you had more time to prep for meetings? Ravyn automatically sends you insights before each meeting in your Google calendar to make you a productive rockstar. You can easily add and track insights for your upcoming meetings, without ever leaving your Gmail inbox.


Here's where Ravyn
can help you.

With the power of insights, we're boosting
revenue and relationships for all types of professions.

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Sales is hard. Research shows 40% of sales leaders missed their sales goals last year. Sales teams that use Ravyn build deeper relationships with clients and sell more, faster.

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Your customers expect more personalized experiences. Marketing teams that use Ravyn deliver hyper-personalized engagement experiences with up to a 90% conversion rate.

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Raising for venture capital, politics or charities can be a grind. Ravyn hits fundraising goals quicker by leveraging insights about the most important donors and investors.

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Customer Success

Stop wasting time digging into your CRM and spreadsheets. With Ravyn, customer notes are only a tap away and insights quickly provide context so you can wow your toughest clients.

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Finding and placing the right candidate can be a chore. Recruiters using Ravyn can find, attract and match talented candidates with employers faster with the power of insights.

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Human Resources

Employees want to feel understood and valued. With Ravyn, you can capture and track employee insights to build deeper relationships and boost retention.

Ravyn integrations with google, gmail, salesforce, hubspot, linkedin, slack, pipedrive, zoom, and chrome.
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Ravyn works where you work.

With Ravyn's Chrome extension, quickly capture and access insights with a single tap from any webpage, including inside your preferred CRM. Native integrations for Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Affinity and more coming soon.


These leaders are crushing it.

Learn how Ravyn helps teams win.

Brian Mattison testimonial image
Brian Mattison
Managing Director & National Sales Leader - Tax @ Deloitte

"For years, I've been chasing the CFO of a $10B private company. I used Ravyn and it changed the game and the relationship. Meaningful work is now on the horizon."

Stephen Loguidice testimonial image
Stephen Loguidice
SVP, Head of Partnerships & Advertising @ Hartbeat

"Ravyn is a game changer! It's a must have for any sales professional. It makes good sellers great & great ones exceptional. Bottom line, it will drive more revenue & make you money, hands down."

Orlando Baeza testimonial image
Orlando Baeza
CMO @ Flock Frieght

"Ravyn has been my secret weapon to quickly build and track relationships. It cuts through the noise and helps me build stronger relationships."

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